Quality care for your pet comes first!

Why Choose Us

  • Regular walks and potty breaks will reduce or eliminate house soiling when you are at work or out of town.
  • Having your dog walked daily will give us the chance to reinforce any homework given to you by your trainer.
  • Dogs that are walked daily become more accustomed to and less fearful of new situations.
  • Daily walks and exercise will alleviate boredom in your dog which will lessen their desire to think of new (and destructive) ways to amuse themselves.
  • Dogs find comfort in routine. Regular visits and walks can help reduce separation anxiety and nuisance barking. Your neighbors will thank you!


People need to travel, whether it is much needed fun and relaxation, or a business trip. Critter Concierge’s pet sitting services allows your pet to remain in their home, thus avoiding additional stress for them and for YOU. Many animals can cope in an offsite kennel situation, but many cannot:


  • Pets who are elderly
  • Pets who are ill
  • Pets who need additional TLC
  • Exotic pets that kennels are usually not equipped to manage

In home care allows your pet to eat their usual food out of their usual bowl and sleep in their usual bed. It is Critter Concierge’s goal to make your pet’s transition as stress-free and seamless as possible. Many pets need an overnight caretaker and Critter Concierge is more than happy to provide this service for you.


  • Dog Services
  • Cat Services
  • Exotic Pet Services
  • Overnight Services


Critter Concierge, LLC is Bonded, Insured. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.


Many Northern Virginia pet parents have busy schedules. Critter Concierge is available to visit your dogs as often as needed during the day. It is very important and beneficial for your dog to have regular exercise. Like people, dogs require daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy.

  • Fresh Air
  • Exercise
  • Curbs Behavioral Issues
  • Peace of Mind


Life is busy and it doesn’t look like things will slow down anytime in the near future. Critter Concierge offers many non-pet services to take some of your chores off your plate so that you can fully enjoy and maximize your free time.

A sample of Critter Concierge’s non-pet services are:

  • Waiting for Utility and Repair Technicians
  • Basic House Sitting (Daily and Overnight)
  • Unpacking of Household Goods
  • Personal Shopping (Grocery and Holiday)
  • Errands (Pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning …)
  • Drop off Donations to the Charity of Your Choice and bring you the Receipt
  • Notary Services

Critter Concierge, LLC is Bonded, Insured. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

Looking for care for your furry family member?

We can provide your pet top of the line care.

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