It certainly seems like it would be a terrific idea for me to keep my clients’ dogs in my home.  In reality, your own home is the best place for your pet to be while you are on vacation.

  • Caring for your pet in your home is the safest option for your pet. Consider that kennels, doggie daycares and grooming salons do not have much in the way of furniture or carpeting for a reason; locations where many animals frequent need to be thoroughly and regularly disinfected for the safety of the animals.
  • Your pet is happier in his home! Change of any kind can be stressful for animals.  Staying in his home, eating out of his bowl, and sleeping in his bed is what will keep your dog stress-free and happy.
  • Critter Concierge and our employees all live in Fairfax County, where there are strict regulations for businesses. The County has regulations that do not permit Fairfax County residents to keep animals on their property for commercial purposes.

While my employees have all passed a pre-employment background check, the other members of their households have not. I have an amazing husband, three wonderful dogs, and one precocious cat.  However, my husband (awesome guy, nevertheless) is not a background checked employee who is certified in Pet CPR/First Aid.  My pets mostly like other animals; but I chose to start Critter Concierge, they did not.  Making any of them de facto employees is unfair to them and not the level of service my clients expect from Critter Concierge.

I am very lucky; I have incredibly tolerant neighbors. They are very understanding when they hear the occasional barking frenzy when a fox is spotted in the backyard.  I never want to do anything that would jeopardize my relationship with them.  However, multiple animals going in and out, clients dropping off pets at random time could push any good neighbor’s patience to the limit.

My employees and I will gleefully care for your pets—all of them—in the comfort of their own homes!  If it is legal to own it in Fairfax County, one of us has worked with it.  We want to keep them stress-free and we will do whatever it takes to minimize any disruption of their daily routines.